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Ateliere adds new data analytics options for media supply chain

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Ateliere Creative Technologies has released new data analytics capabilities that enable customers to easily and quickly measure the media supply chain volume and performance.

The new functionality, which is available today inside Ateliere Connect and Ateliere Discover cloud-native media supply chain platforms, aggregates all processing events from acquisition to distribution into a single, accessible data warehouse. High-level KPIs are presented in an “at-a-glance” dashboard providing customer visibility into titles processed, rejected and delivered, enabling stakeholders to make calculated adjustments and projections quickly.

“Actionable data is key to running any business. However, fragmentation across the media supply chain has made it hard to see the entire picture. The information is siloed and often important data is stored away in a black box,” said Dan Goman, CEO, Ateliere. “Our new data analytics capabilities provide visibility and accessibility to key information. We will continue to evolve this capability, empowering customers with insight to every aspect of their media supply chain performance so they can make informed decisions with confidence quickly.”

Ateliere’s analytics dashboard simplifies access to granular data that customers can use to inform their business decision-making and streamline workflows
Powered by AWS QuickSight, the dashboard simplifies access to granular data that customers can use to inform their business decision-making and streamline workflows; it provides information such as the number of titles processed, information on the number of hours of content ingested, packaged, transcoded, quality checked, how many gigabytes of content delivered, and more. In addition, the system provides detailed reports that list every event by type, status, quality, technical sapecifications, and provider. It also tracks system events to identify peaks in content production. This gives businesses incredibly helpful information to forecast and plan for the future without needing a data scientist.

“Research shows, today, 65% of IT decision makers see data silos as a problem impacting their organization in a negative way,” said Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group Paul Nashawaty. “Ateliere’s modern approach, serverless offering combined with this new feature to unlock data silos will provide media businesses access to actionable data and insights that enables better decision making for their customers and their bottom line.”

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