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Dalet focuses on faster, agile, scalable workflow at NAB Show 2023

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Dalet will showcase its new SaaS solutions that power modern, agile, and efficient digital content production, management and distribution workflows at NAB 2023 held in Las Vegas, NV from April 16th to 19th on booth W1935.

The featured cloud-native solutions provide tailored workflows for:

  • Modern Archive Management and Monetization – Cost effectively migrate aging archives into a modern content library for collaborative use across productions and unlimited monetization opportunities. Deploy on any cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment with best-in-class security and a robust set of tools to find, use, repurpose, share, and deliver content.
  • Powerful Media Supply Chain and Distribution – Orchestrate, automate, scale and analyze content packaging and global distribution. Meet (and exceed) audience demand for high quality, fully compliant content for viewing on any platform. Efficiently adapt to ever-changing business demands and add delivery endpoints on the fly.
  • Streamlined Production Asset Management – Eliminate production silos, unsupported formats and processing friction that bogs down production and remote collaboration. Fully optimize cloud and on-premises infrastructure with comprehensive monitoring and prediction capabilities that optimize resources and costs.
  • Faster News Production and Delivery – Bring news operations into a new era of Storytelling 360 with a fully connected, digital-first news operation equipped with web-based tools for collaborative planning, contribution, production, fast-paced media editing, and distribution under a single solution.

The new Dalet SaaS solutions, which are available today, are underpinned by the proven Dalet Flex platform and Dalet Pyramid modules. They offer faster deployment with a roll-out in days rather than months. For customers who want to maximize their existing Dalet investment, Dalet Flex and Dalet Pyramid offer a gradual transition path. There is no big bang approach that forces a full product replacement. Cloud-native architecture and customer success specialists provide the full arsenal of services to ensure operational scalability, agility, security and optimum cost-performance ratio.

“The last three years have put a significant burden on our customers’ businesses, whether they’re adapting to new audience requirements, distribution demands, or work environments. To accelerate the delivery of new technology that empowers our customers and positions Dalet as a leader in this new era, we took the company private and invested in expanding our leadership, product and customer-facing teams. We rebuilt ourselves as a cloud-native, subscription-based media solutions company. We’re excited to introduce the new Dalet at this NAB Show,” says Carl Farrell, CEO, Dalet.

Dalet Innovation: Product, App and Technology Introductions
Dalet product specialists will present an exciting technology preview of elastic ingest workflows in the cloud at the Dalet booth. A cutting-edge, cloud-native technology codenamed “Dalet InStream” built on the market-leading Dalet Brio I/O solution, the preview will showcase end-to-end workflows in the cloud, from ingest to production and distribution. Allowing temporary scale-up of ingest capabilities to acquire multiple feeds at once, this technology is a game-changer for broadcasters and media companies facing growing needs to ingest feeds from the cloud and expand their coverage at an affordable cost.

Together with the entire product lineup, Dalet will showcase the following new releases on the stand:

Dalet Flex – Media Workflows & Collaboration

  • FlexMOBILE, the new mobile app for seamless media management on-the-go with unmatched mobility and remote collaboration, available on Android and iOS.
  • FlexREVIEW, the collaborative review and approval tool with expanded audio waveforms support and monitoring for multi-channel files, as well as a refreshed user interface.

Dalet Pyramid – News Production & Distribution

  • Pyramid Planner, the intuitive, calendar-based planning now comes with configurable views, tasks, and assets sharing in a single workspace. The modern planning approach provides visibility and enables collaboration across the news operation.
  • Pyramid Cut, the state-of-the-art, web-based editor enables fast-paced, intuitive and collaborative production of multiplatform news stories from anywhere. The digital-first editor also enables users to templatize graphics for different video requirements, making packaging eye-catching stories fast and easy.

AI-powered workflows will also be featured with the latest version of Dalet Media Cortex that provides improved speech-to-text and translation capabilities, allowing for up to 80% time savings for caption creation.

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