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TSL Advanced Control Systems innovations and expertise enable media and entertainment customers to be more versatile

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TSL announced a number of new advanced control systems and product introductions that will enable broadcasters and media companies to improve operational efficiencies and pivot operations to COTS and SaaS models in a fully managed and optimized approach.

Demonstrated at NAB 2023 (booth C2416) will be new releases of X-Connect IP routing and GTP-V1 live production control solutions running in the cloud. The company will also unveil GTP-42, the latest and most secure 1RU option for TSL Flex as well as the new compact TM1-Tally, a complete tally/control solution in 1RU offering ‘OB truck’ performance. Complementing the technology additions is the appointment of media expert and customer champion Maurice Snell to TSL’s Control Solutions Architect position. The addition of Maurice strengthens the customer consultative practice with best-practice guidance for optimizing control workflows across cloud, on-premise, REMI and hybrid deployments.

“We know that our customers have a strong desire to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Related to this is the need to deliver on sustainability, transition from capex to opex and enable more efficient remote productions via on-premise, in the cloud, virtualized or a mixed configuration environments. The new TSL advanced control system solutions give customers a modern platform with improved security, flexibility and performance to significantly expand their remote work capabilities whether that’s having operators working from home, or on multiple events using equipment centralized in the cloud as opposed to bespoke gear housed inside trucks or facilities,” said Ian Godfrey, President of TSL Inc. “In addition to the tools, our customers need sound guidance as to what’s the best next step for them. We are thrilled to have Maurice Snell join the team. His knowledge and experience will help guide our customers through the complexities of transforming and adapting their operations to modern workflows in a way that solves their specific problems in an elegant manner with a vision toward the future.”

Operational efficiencies and benefits

TSL lowers the cost of entry for SMPTE 2110 (2110) IP routing and increases sustainability by allowing existing control surfaces and panels to be reused in a hybrid/IP environment. With its flexible and scalable approach to broadcast control, TSL now has a complete facility control solution.

While most IP broadcast control environments (especially in North America) are focused on 2110 routing/orchestration, Flex and X-Connect customers can have a complete 2110 routing solution that allows operators to retain and re-use their skills through compatibility with existing equipment.

Flex Control network is immensely powerful and compatible with a wide range of standards and capabilities, including SCTE, tally, MOS, playout, scheduled actions and device control.

X-Connect now has improved performance with complex routing instructions completed as quickly using distributed 2110 endpoints as they are with large, centralized SDI routers.

New release: X-Connect IP routing control system

New for NAB is the latest version of X-Connect, a broadcast controller bridge that allows legacy broadcast controllers to function in the world of 2110 IP routing. X-Connect discovers NMOS-compliant 2110 senders/receivers, hosts the NMOS registry, provides control logic to connect 2110 senders/receivers, and presents the IP fabric and endpoints as a traditional SDI matrix so legacy broadcast control systems can route to/from 2110 IP endpoints.
Facilities can reuse legacy broadcast controllers and operator control surfaces, while allowing engineers to add modern 2110 endpoints to their facility, which will:

  • Save money
  • Reuse existing skills
  • Maintain productivity
  • Increase sustainability

For greenfield or standalone 2110 systems, X-Connect can provide a complete 2110 broadcast control solution, with tally, at a much more affordable price than other 2110 control solutions.

GTP-V1 control processing node for deployment in the cloud

Also new for NAB is the GTP-V1 control processing node for deployment in the cloud. This allows familiar on-prem live production and playout control/monitoring workflows to run in virtualized and cloud environments. Applications include tally processing, SCTE parsing/insertion, playout/rundown lists, media routing, and control routing. Through common workflows in cloud/virtual deployments, TSL enables customers to transition from proprietary media processing cap-ex equipment to COTS and SAAS virtual deployments. This saves upfront cost, allows for dynamic scale, supports REMI/at-home live production (which saves time and money on travel), and can allow for existing on-prem legacy hardware to be repurposed (extending the life cycle, reducing cost, increasing sustainability).

TSL is also releasing a new TallyMan hardware option called TM1-TALLY, a fully functional control/tally processor scaled down to target the North American truck market. It’s a complete tally solution at a lower cost.

Finally, TSL will be showcasing for the first time GTP-42. Based on the well-known GTP-32 Flex control processing node, it is fully updated for modern secure deployments.

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