‘Elizabeth Vargas Reports’ debuts on NewsNation with glassy, global look

NewsNation debutedElizabeth Vargas Reports” Monday, April 3, 2023, from a new studio and newsroom in New York City. 

The show leverages the now-familiar square and bracket motif used on much of the other programming on the network, including in its logo design.

The logo is created using Proxima with anchor Elizabeth Vargas‘ first and last name and the word “Reports” each on its own line in all caps.

“Vargas” is set in roughly twice the size of the other lines, with all three tiers encapsulated inside of a square box with a break on the far right.

The color palette, meanwhile, is a mix of blues and violets with hints of yellow and pink.

This is combined with a glassy, boxy look with a world map design along with bokeh light and burst accents.

In addition, the open contains a single reference to a diagonal slash element while also incorporating a quick array of photos of Vargas.


On-set graphics include a similar look, though with the added elements of glassy vertical bars and a dot-style word map image as a secondary background element.