WBD unveils its HBO Max replacement’s logo design

Warner Bros. Discovery has released the logo for its new flagship streamer, to be known as “Max.”

The service will replace HBO Max and pull in content from Discovery+, though the latter will still remain available as a separate offering. 

Max’s logo is set in all lowercase letters with the “a” in the middle echoing the design of the “O” in the longtime HBO logo, which features an inset circle. 

The HBO logo uses strong, geometric sans serif lettering. The Max logo, meanwhile, stays in the sans serif realm but has a bit of added flair in its two other letters, the “m” and “x.”

Notably this includes slightly outward bowing on the four strokes of the “x,” giving it a slightly flowing or active feel.

The “m” has two identical curved strokes, each with a similar dynamic feel as the “x.”


While HBO’s decision to keep a similar look as the “O” in “HBO” helps maintain at least a visual connection that brand, it’s also an interesting choice given that both names are three letters, and it’s likely that the average consumer wouldn’t be as sensitive to the typographical differences. 

Previously, WBD had indicated it wanted to differentiate its streaming brand from the legacy HBO brand in order to avoid consumer connotations of the service being film-centric. 

That said, given that the old logo featured the entire HBO logo verbatim, the new Max design could be viewed as a happy medium.