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Zero Density teases on-air graphics system powered by Unreal Engine

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Zero Density has introduced ZD | OAG, an on-air graphics solution designed for broadcasters looking to utilize of Unreal Engine in their production beyond virtual studios.

The announcement was made ahead of the 2023 NAB Show, where the company will offer demos of the new system. ZD | OAG integrates the latest Ada generation NVIDIA GPU and Zero Density graphics software to deliver photorealistic UltraHD visuals for various types of productions, including news, entertainment, live sports, and elections.

Ofir Benovici, Zero Density’s new CEO notes the solution aims to extend photoreal graphics beyond virtual studios and into on-air graphics workflows. The system supports real-time external data feeds, automation systems, and integration with newsroom computer systems (NRCS) through the MOS protocol. This allows broadcasters to easily set up an on-air graphics workflow, either as a standalone product or in conjunction with other Zero Density solutions.

ZD | OAG’s graphics tools cater to the unique demands of broadcast production, including 24/7 operation. Users can create visuals using animation control, text effects, and more. The software and hardware bundle also includes Zero Density’s universal control UI, RealityHub, which enables broadcasters to manage real-time graphics and robotic cameras from a single interface.

The on-air graphics solution is available through a subscription program, providing users with access to the software and hardware leasing at reduced upfront costs and greater flexibility compared to traditional perpetual license schemes. Subscribers will always have access to the latest product updates and technical support, regardless of their location.

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