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FX Design Group and Exhibit Design Group announce merger, combining scenic and experiential services

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FX Design Group, a leader in innovative broadcast design solutions, and Exhibit Design Group (EDG), a renowned provider of immersive experiential design, are thrilled to announce their merger, creating an unrivaled force in the industry. The merger comes as a natural succession of a long-standing partnership, as the two companies have successfully collaborated on numerous projects since 2018.

The strategic decision to merge stems from a history of working closely together, which fostered strong relationships and shared expertise. This collaboration has allowed staff from both companies to seamlessly combine their resources. This ensures a smooth transition as the entities merge into a single powerhouse of design excellence.

Both FX Design Group and Exhibit Design Group have weathered the global pandemic challenges by relying heavily on each other’s resources and support. By leveraging their combined strengths, the companies emerged stronger, reaffirming their commitment to the industry and their clients.

Mack McLaughlin, CEO of FX Design Group, expressed his excitement about the merger. He stated, “Our partnership with Exhibit Design Group has been instrumental in our growth and success. This merger is a testament to the incredible collaboration and mutual trust we have developed over the years. Together, we will elevate the industry to new heights.”

John Johnson, CEO of Exhibit Design Group, added, “The synergies between our teams have been evident from the beginning. Combining our resources and expertise was a natural next step. We are excited to continue pushing design boundaries and delivering exceptional experiences for our clients.”

Going forward, Mack McLaughlin will assume the new role of CCO (Chief Creative Officer) and John Johnson will continue with his role as CEO. Combined Mack and John have over sixty years of experience in successfully leading both Custom Design and Fabrication Teams.

The newly merged company will feature an expanded team of world-class designers, technicians, and creative professionals from both FX Design Group and Exhibit Design Group. Their collective talent and experience will drive the creation of awe-inspiring broadcast and experiential designs that captivate audiences and transform brand experiences.

Furthermore, the merger enhances the companies’ fabrication capabilities, combining state-of-the-art technologies and resources to deliver projects of unparalleled quality and precision. The enhanced fabrication capabilities will enable the company to offer turnkey solutions, ensuring seamless execution from concept to installation.


With combined industry experience of sixty years, FX Design Group and Exhibit Design Group have a remarkable track record of successful projects in broadcasting and experiential design. The merger fortifies their position as leaders in the field, ready to meet clients’ evolving needs in an increasingly dynamic industry.

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