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Video Services Forum announces agenda for VidTrans24

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Video Services Forum (VSF) has announced details of the VidTrans24 conference and exposition, which will take place Feb. 27-29 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Marina del Rey, California. The first day of the event will be IPMX Technology Day, with a primary focus on IPMX, its benefits, and how it builds on existing SMPTE standards. The formal release of the VSF Technical Recommendations for IPMX takes place at ISE 2024 in Barcelona next week, following a successful interoperability workshop conducted by VSF in Munich.

“Along with industry partners, VSF has been a champion for IPMX standards as a way to ensure interoperability for AV-over-IP systems in the media, entertainment, and Pro AV industries,” said Richard Friedel, president of the VSF. “After public comment and several manufacturer implementations and interoperability trials, it is clear that IPMX, which I like to call 2110-lite, is ready for public release.”

The official release of the IPMX Technical Recommendations at ISE this year is a significant milestone in the journey to industry adoption. “VidTrans24 will continue that momentum by giving people a chance to learn more about IPMX and how it can improve their businesses,” Friedel said.

Based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standard and developed through a collaboration between AIMS and the VSF — using NMOS technology from the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) — IPMX gives manufacturers and developers everything they need to create low-latency, interoperable, IP-based AV products and applications.

On IPMX Technology Day (Feb. 27), attendees will get high-level and in-depth briefings on how IPMX works. Designed to address the needs of end users, technology managers, developers, and system integrators, the presentations by industry experts will address topics such as the market and business side of IPMX, technical details of some of the key specifications, IPMX switch selection considerations, and a review of the IPMX demonstrations given at ISE 2024. The full conference agenda can be found at

Besides IPMX Technology Day, the VidTrans24 agenda includes other sessions covering a variety of topics such as:
• Reality Check: Content Provenance and C2PA to Fight “Fake News.”
• From the Bespoke to Generic – How Close Has IP Media Production Got to the IT World?
• Distributed Production in Action – The New Norm. Exploring Use Cases.
• The New JPEG XS TDC Profile: Perfect Quality, Zero Latency, Reduced Bandwidth.
• Building Out Dynamic Media Infrastructures for Tier 1 Live Sports Production.
• Efficient, Scalable SMPTE ST 2110 Media Transport for Containerized Media Applications.

“Every year, people come to VidTrans to get the latest information about media networking technologies. They learn things they can take back and apply in their own organizations,” said Brad Gilmer, executive director of the VSF. “This year we’re especially pleased to be able to shine the spotlight on IPMX. VSF believes it represents the future of media connectivity. I hope people will take advantage of this opportunity to hear from some of the architects of the IPMX standards.”

Registration for VidTrans24 is open at, with an early-bird discount available through Jan. 27.


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