Super Bowl streaming on the rise, survey notes

By NewscastStudio

Super Bowl viewership is undergoing a transformation, influenced by a blend of celebrity culture and shifting content consumption habits.

According to the latest survey released by Adtaxi, the broadcast is witnessing a shift towards streaming, with Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce serving as an unexpected catalyst for football engagement. The survey, which focused on the 58th annual Super Bowl, highlights a steady increase in streaming TV’s share of viewership.

Murry Woronoff, Adtaxi’s director of research, notes, “From 2023 to 2024, the streaming TV audience share is set to grow by 19%, in stark contrast to a 27% decline in traditional broadcast and cable TV viewership.” This data underscores a broader trend towards digital platforms, as streaming services are poised to match the combined viewership figures of broadcast and cable TV for the Super Bowl.

According to the survey, 36% of adults are expected to watch the Super Bowl primarily via streaming. The audience for streaming TV is projected to match the combined viewership figures of broadcast television (20%) and cable TV (16%).

Further illustrating the evolving viewer engagement, the survey reveals a notable rise in enthusiasm for the game, with a modest increase in participants expressing peak interest in the Super Bowl itself. Moreover, the halftime show’s appeal has surged, reflecting the event’s broad entertainment value beyond the sport.

Social media platforms emerge as a crucial component of the Super Bowl experience, especially among streaming service users. This shift indicates a diversification in how audiences engage with the event, moving beyond traditional broadcast methods to include a multi-platform media consumption approach.

The influence of Taylor Swift on football viewership and merchandise sales represents a fascinating intersection of pop culture and sports. Approximately 29% of survey respondents report an increased likelihood to follow professional football, including the Super Bowl, influenced by Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce. This effect is even more pronounced among Swift’s dedicated fan base, underscoring the impact of celebrity relationships on sports engagement.

The survey also highlights that Swift’s fans are nearly three times more likely to purchase sports-related merchandise, pointing to a significant opportunity for marketers to tap into this trend. Chris Loretto, EVP of Adtaxi, emphasizes the importance of recognizing top trends and the shifting landscape of content consumption, stating, “Influencers have a particularly strong impact… As marketers, it is more important than ever to be aware of top trends and capitalize on them in advertising.”