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Telestream’s DIVA 9 is intelligently transforming how media companies manage, access, and archive media

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Telestream, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing, and distribution solutions, proudly announces the release of DIVA 9, a cutting-edge middleware system designed to transform how media companies manage, access, and archive video data.

Tackling the complexities of long-term video asset storage, DIVA 9 introduces critical enhancements to bolster the accessibility, reliability, and efficiency of digital video archives. This iteration simplifies archiving with smart media storage policies, advanced Elasticsearch search functions, and comprehensive cloud integration, ensuring secure, scalable, and adaptable solutions. DIVA 9 stands as a critical resource for media entities dedicated to achieving superior preservation and access to video data for the long haul.

A standout feature, the new Proxy player integrated with Telestream Vantage, simplifies clip identification, segment marking, and partial restore processes, offering unprecedented ease in handling video data. DIVA 9 also embraces the cloud, boasting simplified deployment in cloud environments, support for Postgres, and compatibility with major cloud storage options, catering to both hybrid and native cloud setups.

“One of the qualities that makes DIVA 9 such a powerful solution is its widespread support for diverse production ecosystems, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments,” said Tom Pflaum, Vice President of Product Management at Telestream. “DIVA’s versatility makes it highly adaptable to various storage technologies, such as LTO, disks, and private cloud servers. It also effortlessly integrates with MAM, PAM, and automation systems to further enhance and enrich media supply chain workflows. It’s truly a comprehensive and flexible solution for content management.”

With nearly 100 updates from its predecessor, DIVA 9 focuses on improving system reliability, user experience, and operational efficiency. Updates encompass bug and security fixes, performance enhancements, and usability improvements. The solution’s intelligent media storage lifecycle policies aid in reducing costs while optimizing asset storage.

DIVA 9’s Elasticsearch-driven search capabilities provide a unified view across multiple storage systems, ensuring efficient resource utilization. Its redundancy, distributed deployment options, and disaster recovery features enhance reliability for media production teams.

Centralizing content management, transcoding, and archiving, DIVA 9 eliminates workflow silos, facilitating a more agile media supply chain. Integration with Telestream solutions like Vantage, Qualify QC, and GLIM Clipping & Inspections automates quality control, accelerates media processing, and enables efficient proxy-less playback.


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