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VoiceInteraction showcases speech processing technologies at NAB Show 2024

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In today’s demanding media landscape, broadcasters can harness automatic speech recognition (ASR) to promote accessibility, streamline repetitive tasks, and repurpose content. Embracing the capabilities of AI facilitates the delivery of better content experiences and unlocks digital revenue. For NAB Show 2024, VoiceInteraction is presenting Audimus.Media, real-time captioning technology, and MMS with media generation and content repurposing automation.

Audimus.Media – Automatic closed captioning

Audimus.Media stands as the industry-leading captioning solution, leveraging AI technology to deliver real-time, fully automatic closed captioning across an array of platforms. The on-premises deployment ensures the lowest caption latency, robustness against network disruptions, and high data security and privacy. Closed captioning is not only a legal requirement but also an essential asset for video content distribution, providing increased accessibility, ensuring future retrievability, and creating monetization opportunities through content repurposing. With an extensive range of supported inputs and outputs for diverse production and distribution workflows, Audimus.Media is designed as the market-leading solution for automatic closed captioning and live translation in both production and delivery.

Media Monitoring System – Media generation for content repurposing

MMS ensures optimal delivery while incorporating features that streamline content creation, foster viewer satisfaction, reduce costs, and create monetization opportunities. MMS utilizes ASR and AI algorithms to ensure regulatory requirements and generate content, all in one product. After capturing, monitoring, and storing incoming signals, the platform generates a time-stamped, full-text transcription of the newscast. By detecting the start and end point of a news story, MMS automatically creates the clips, while generating relevant and searchable metadata, such as topics, keywords, speakers, titles, and summaries. These clips are integrated into a content management system for publication on a station’s website, dedicated platform, or social media.

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