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MoovIT introduces Helmut Cloud, a new holistic platform for orchestrating workflows at NAB 2024

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At the upcoming NAB Show, workflow specialist and Adobe SI partner MoovIT will showcase its Helmut4 video project management software, alongside Helmut Cloud — the new holistic platform for workflow automation, integration and connection (Booth SL3124). MoovIT’s expertise as a service provider and software development partner for broadcasters, video production and international sports events is already well known in Europe. The next step for the company is to focus on the American market — working side-by-side with CHESA, the specialist and solution partner for professional media workflows in the US.

“It is MoovIT’s philosophy that all tasks within a video production process can be defined as a combination of workflows, regardless of the type and size of a company. Triggered by any event, good workflows are the basis for organizing teams, tasks and solutions,” says David Merzenich, Managing Director at MoovIT MSP.

This core principle has been key to the successful development of Helmut4, the project management software, combined with FX, IO, Cosmo and Housekeeper components for efficient management, backup and control of editing projects in professional Adobe video production environments. Helmut4 is successfully established in the European video production industry and considered a game-changer by customers making the switch from Avid to the Adobe landscape.

Holistic approach for video production

Following the same guiding principle, MoovIT has created Helmut Cloud, a platform that opens up an unlimited field for workflow design and orchestration. Uniquely, it offers an open architecture that allows customers to integrate any software they use or require into the workflow. With Helmut Cloud, the customer can automate, connect, create and even program their own production solutions with no restrictions — securely and tailored to their specific needs.

As a result, it enables production teams to organize, design, trigger, execute and monitor all workflows according to their wishes using the Streamdesigner Studio node-based application. In addition, the platform provides an event gateway to connect any video software within minutes, including the Helmut4 toolkit to extend them with an out-of-the-box workflow engine. This creates unlimited new possibilities for creative, customized workflow designs for broadcasters, media professionals and many other industries.

Helmut Cloud is especially powerful when interacting with Adobe products such as Premiere or Using the Helmut Cloud platform, the creative power of the Adobe CC product range can be expanded to include extremely powerful workflows in minutes.

High5 connects the world

High5 is the go-to application in Helmut Cloud for connecting and extending modern and legacy apps like never before. It allows users to create apps, define events, and easily build powerful workflow orchestrations using Streamdesigner Studio. High5 also offers a dashboard for monitoring stream executions and allows users to trigger events using incoming webhooks. It also provides the unique flexibility to run streams on any computer, on-premises or in the cloud — for distributing workflows around the world.

From no-code to low-code: MoovIT empowers its customers withHelmut Cloud to create workflows using the provided nodes, or to program them individually according to their level of expertise. The goal is to encourage users to extend the functionality of the platform for their own purposes.


“Thanks to the smart implementation of webhooks, plus the combination of automation, integration and programming options, the workload involved in creating workflows drops by 90%. The obvious benefit is cost reduction, and/or more room for useful workflow traffic. This brings customers a big step closer to achieving the goal of effective supply chain management,” explains David Merzenich.

High5 also provides a so-called “secrets store,” where IDs, IPs, API tokens and more are 100% encrypted and stored securely. This means this data is only visible to the system with which communication is taking place, and is stored and protected in the Helmut Cloud database — so no one, not even system admins, can decipher them.

Toolkit for workflow designs, and a powerful engine

Helmut Cloud is offered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and includes comprehensive user management across organizations, teams and users, down to granular role management. Built on state-of-the-art security technology, the platform offers 2FA (two-factor authentication), PAT (Personal Access Tokens), and allows enterprise customers to use their own IDP. The package is rounded off by the Helmut Cloud agent. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux — whatever is used to execute the workflows. Together, all of this makes Helmut Cloud a powerful platform and distribution workflow engine, no matter whether on-prem, hybrid or fully cloud-based.

David Merzenich explains the potential of Helmut Cloud with reference to other industries: “The principle of robotic process automation is known from classic IT or the automotive industry, for example. Software and hardware are connected and collaborating in highly automated networks — or factories. Now, with Helmut Cloud, we’re opening up the same opportunities for action within the media industry.”

Visit MoovIT and CHESA, partnering with Hiscale and ObviousFuture, at booth #SL3124.

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