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LTN showcases IP-based distribution technologies to drive monetization at NAB Show 2024

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LTN (Booth #W1517), an industry leader in media technology and video transport solutions, will showcase its suite of IP-powered technologies at NAB Show 2024. Booth visitors will discover how LTN’s intelligent IP-based solutions unlock unique content customization, monetization, and distribution capabilities for live events and full-time channels, underpinned by the industry-leading LTN Network, interoperable solutions, and best-in-class managed services.

LTN will present its extensive portfolio of solutions that help customers reach new audiences and increase revenue via flexible IP-based distribution. These services include LTN Wave, a multicast-enabled, IP-based transmission solution that provides an intelligent alternative to satellite or fiber distribution with ultra-low latency and high SLAs. LTN Wave enables next-generation possibilities, including the ability to manage complex rights deals, content replacement, and blackout management while supporting custom ad profiling across multiple platforms.

LTN will showcase LTN Arc, a fully managed service that handles every aspect of live event versioning. With LTN Arc, media companies and rights holders can cost-efficiently extend their live sports distribution across platforms and regions, transforming live event feeds into tailored streams with custom graphics, audio, and localized advertising for global cross-platform distribution.

LTN will also spotlight LTN Lift, the leading playout system with automated versioning capabilities to seamlessly spin up new live channels and deliver customized programming across digital, OTT, and FAST services. LTN Lift combines a range of LTN’s advanced playout, signaling, and video transport technologies to automatically create new digital linear channels with altered programming to fit cross-platform requirements and provide tailored content to engage diverse audiences.

These solutions form part of LTN’s unique approach to helping media companies create, customize, and deliver live events and full-time channels via the industry’s only proprietary, distributed global IP multicast network. By partnering with LTN, customers experience the LTN Difference: accelerating efficiencies and revenue for channels and live events; maximizing scale and reach across multiple platforms; fully backed by always-on monitoring; superior managed service levels; and the LTN technical operations center (TOC).

“Media businesses are undergoing rapid transformation as they find ways to secure sustainable revenues and engage new streaming audiences,” said Malik Khan, LTN Executive Chairman and Co-Founder. “The biggest media organizations are realizing that embracing a more flexible and efficient IP-based distribution roadmap is pivotal to increasing ROI while expanding across new digital frontiers. We’re excited to bring our latest innovations to NAB Show 2024 to tackle real-world customer challenges and deliver long-term business outcomes.”

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