Megapixel acquires GhostFrame, bolsters broadcast and virtual production capabilities

By NewscastStudio

Megapixel, a developer of LED processing, monitoring, analytics and display solutions, has announced the complete acquisition of GhostFrame intellectual property from technology partner AGS AG.

GhostFrame has played a pivotal role in the development of Megapixel’s Helios LED Processing Platform, which underpins several high-profile projects across virtual production stages, broadcast studios, and live events globally.

Megapixel’s technology has enhanced visual experiences in various domains, including film, TV and live events.

Notable projects utilizing Megapixel’s technology range from virtual production stages like Lux Stage in Atlanta and ARRI Stage in London to broadcast endeavors such as the Emmy award-winning Fox Sports “NFL Sunday” and ESPN’s Catalyst Stage.

“We have been overwhelmed by the market’s positive reaction to GhostFrame… While Megapixel has many patents covering the technology, we also felt that it made sense to acquire the IP from our technology partner AGS who also contributed to the overall technology stack with numerous patents. With this all under one roof now, and protected by more than 50 combined worldwide patents, Helios will continue to grow in the broadcast arena and become an even more critical piece of must-have infrastructure for studios,” said Jeremy Hochman, Megapixel CEO and co-founder.

Furthermore, Megapixel’s commitment to advancing broadcast technology is underscored by its emphasis on 100G ST 2110 capabilities, which are crucial for ensuring the seamless operation of numerous projects and events in a demanding and time-sensitive industry landscape.

NAB 2024 attendees were invited to witness a demonstration of GhostFrame at the B&H The Studio booth, where Megapixel’s team was available to share insights and further information about their groundbreaking technologies.