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HawkReplay and HawkNest broadcast ecosystem at NAB 2024

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Hawk-Eye’s innovative broadcast ecosystem will be launching globally at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. NAB Show takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 14th-17th.

HawkReplay is a remote production and instant replay broadcast solution built on Hawk-Eye’s Synchronized Multi-Angle Replay Technology (SMART) systems. Continually building on its robust, award-winning technology, HawkReplay is focused on reimagining broadcasting production workflows and outputs.

With the addition of HawkNest and ConfigureReplay, the production workflow is complete, and Hawk-Eye now offers a full end-to-end broadcasting solution.

Welcoming HawkNest to the family

HawkNest is the Hawk-Eye Broadcast Systems Asset Management Server. This system can be added to any existing or future HawkReplay infrastructure and be used to provide Media Management staff with a dedicated workstation able to access and distribute HawkReplay created clips from any networked HawkReplay server. Pre-production video files from networked third party storage, and/or direct networked delivery of edited videos from NLE, can also export to local HawkNest Server Storage.

Transmission delivery

HawkNest provides the production team an easy-to-use scheduler for distributing longform produced pieces. This scheduler can be used to designate directed transmission delivery for affiliates, or for scheduled playback of video to external sources.

MAM and PAM workflows

HawkNest allows for the quick access of all HawkReplay created clips from a single UI accessible database. HawkNest also allows the user to quickly and seamlessly distribute external packages to all Hawk-Eye systems through directed import or scan folder conventions.

ISO records management

HawkNest gives the user the ability to easily create long form growing records of all independent video sources within the Hawk-Eye ecosystem. These growing records can be exported locally or to a network location for direct access by the production’s editing team.


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