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Amagi and AD Digital launch FAST channel for MAVTV Brasil

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Amagi and AD Digital have unveiled the launch of MAVTV Brasil’s FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channel by SEV7N Sports.

This launch positions MAVTV Brasil as one of the most expansive and detailed motorsports platforms across the Americas, promising to bring unparalleled motorsports content and experiences to fans through innovative broadcasting and streaming technologies.

With this launch, the channel aims to offer viewers a unique global motorsport experience. MAVTV Brasil will deliver highly curated programming to connected TVs across the country, offering both regional coverage and major U.S. programs with Portuguese subtitles.

“Alongside MAVTV from the U.S., we are bringing together the best motorized content from the Americas,” commented SEV7N Sports Entertainment CEO Erich Steffen in a statement released by the company. “We are excited to debut MAVTV Brasil with a schedule packed with live racing, from Formula Drift and Trans Am to the Stock Car Pro Series, TCR South America, F4 Brasil, and much more. With additional expansions planned on new platforms and cable TV providers, both in Brazil and Portugal, we are quickly solidifying our position as the most comprehensive destination for motorsports fans in Brazil,” he continued.

Utilizing the cloud technology and services of Amagi and AD Digital, such as FAST channel creation and distribution, the first phase of the project involves making MAVTV Brasil available on the Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV platforms, expanding its reach to millions of viewers.

AD Digital played a key role as a facilitator of the project, ensuring a smooth and efficient channel launch on connected TVs. Amagi’s technology is one of the market leaders internationally, making the company responsible for all technical feasibility of the project.

“We are always discussing the growth of the FAST channels market globally, and with the arrival of MAVTV Brasil on connected TVs, we can see how this new window can help a company reach a new audience,” comments Daniela Souza, CGO of AD Digital. “We hope to continue co-creating the future of FAST within the market alongside partners like SEV7N Sports and Amagi.”

KA Srinivasan, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Amagi, commented, “Across the world, sports has been a big driver for growing viewership and advertising revenues. MAVTV Brasil’s FAST channel launch is an important milestone in motorsports broadcasting in Brazil. In partnership with SEV7N Sports and AD Digital, Amagi is ensuring that we are implementing the best of FAST technologies, enabling MAVTV to offer unparalleled access to thrilling races and automotive content to fans across Brazil and, eventually, the world.”


MAVTV Brasil’s FAST channel, already available on Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV, is expected to attract major motorsport franchises, such as Stock Car, the main category of South American motorsport, along with Formula 4 Brasil and TCR South America. This is the first step in the company’s international expansion strategy, aiming to bring this content to new audiences.


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