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Neoti’s new UHD Pro XF+ is the world’s first Pantone validated and Pantone SkinTone validated dvLED display

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Neoti, an industry leader in dvLED video displays, announced that their new UHD Pro XF+ is the world’s first LED display to be named Pantone validated and Pantone SkinTone validated for dvLED displays. Pushing the limits of LED performance, UHD Pro XF+ features 26-bit color depth, immersive 3D performance without viewing fatigue, and multi-image framesync.

“We are excited to announce Neoti as the world’s first partner to achieve Pantone validated and Pantone SkinTone validated for their dvLED UHD ProXF+ product,” said Iain Pike, Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing at Pantone. “Our color experts worked together with Neoti to test and validate their ability to authentically reproduce Pantone Colors and Skin Tones. These are distinctive marks that Neoti can share with their customers to demonstrate they deliver true color fidelity.”

“It’s time the LED industry be held to higher color standards, much like the print industry,” commented Neoti CEO Derek Myers. “No matter the content, it’s intended to be displayed with very specific color fidelity, and to maintain this standard over time. Thanks to InfiniteColor technology, UHD Pro XF+ delivers true color across every vertical.”

UHD Pro XF+ is a more harmonious display as the display and controller are engineered with the same propriety, by the same engineering team. The system delivers genuine color reproduction thanks to the sophisticated color space engine. The technology achieves the purest black levels and gradients at extremely low brightness, making it versatile for even the most demanding ambient light environments. UHD Pro XF+ will be the first Pantone validated dvLED technology joining the lineup that includes desktop displays, laptops, cameras, projectors and digital signage.

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