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SmallRig unveils new products and philanthropic initiatives at NAB Show 2024

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SmallRig, a global leader in imaging scene products, is making headlines at this year’s NAB Show not just with its cutting-edge products but also by introducing significant philanthropic efforts. The brand is unveiling two products tailored for the modern content creator: the SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 mini V Mount Battery and the SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit. Beyond the gear, SmallRig is committing to the creative community with the launch of the SmallRig Awards and the SmallRig Visual Development Philanthropic Fund.

SmallRig excels in “fast manufacturing,” delivering 1.6 new products daily and iterating 300-400 annually, with a commercial cycle from development to market in as fast as 45 days, showcasing Full-Scene, Full-Ecosystem, Full-compatibility, and Fast manufacturing capabilities. SmallRig’s offerings have been essential for videographers and photographers looking to enhance their setups with versatile and reliable equipment.

The two new products are expected to further cement the company’s reputation as a go-to source for creative solutions:

  • SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 Mini V Mount Battery: A highly integrated mini V mount battery designed for versatility and portability. With fast charging capabilities and multiple interfaces, it provides reliable power for various devices, ensuring smooth operation in diverse environments.
  • SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit: The ultimate outdoor shooting tool kit, featuring a modular design for flexible organization and waterproof, drop-resistant construction for equipment safety. This comprehensive kit meets the specific needs of content creators, enhancing efficiency on the set.

“The core idea behind our new products is to address the direct needs of our users, making their creative process smoother and more efficient,” shared Zhou Yang, founder and chairman of SmallRig. “We aim to remove any barriers to creativity, enabling storytellers to focus on what they do best.”

The SmallRig Awards is the world’s first philanthropic imaging award initiated by an imaging scene product brand. With the SmallRig Awards and the Visual Development Philanthropic Fund, SmallRig is taking a significant step towards supporting impactful content. These initiatives aim to back visual storytellers dedicated to social change, offering both recognition and financial support for positive projects.

“In today’s world, imagery serves as a global social language and communication tool, driving widespread empathy and influence. Rapid advancements in imaging technology and streaming platforms have democratized visual creation, fueling the surge of the imaging scene industry,” stated Zhou Yang “We believe our new initiatives are about contributing to that change, promoting content that goes beyond entertainment to make a real-world impact.”

This move by SmallRig at NAB Show is indicative of a broader trend among tech companies seeking to establish themselves as more than just equipment suppliers. They are looking to be active participants in the content creation process, offering support that spans the technical to the philanthropic.

In today’s content-driven landscape, SmallRig’s approach not only strengthens its relationship with creators but also sets a precedent for how technology companies can engage with and support the creative communities they serve. As technology and content creation continue to merge, SmallRig’s initiatives at NAB Show 2024 showcase a future where these elements are not just connected but cohesively integrated.



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