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Ross Video unveils Raiden: An all-new data-driven weather graphics system

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Ross Video announces the introduction of Raiden, a data-driven weather graphics software designed to empower newsrooms to elevate their storytelling with more immersive real-time weather content.

The first release of Raiden brings weather graphics to the XPression toolbox and seamlessly integrates with existing production workflows through an intuitive web-based tool. That allows meteorologists to collaborate with producers and designers to prepare weather and climate content anywhere.

Tailored for the demands of the modern newsroom environment, Raiden facilitates collaboration across departments. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RUV, was the first adopter of the Raiden system in their newsroom.

“Raiden has transformed our approach to weather storytelling by removing the limitations of our old system. Our news and weather teams now collaborate more effectively to produce higher-quality content. And the ability to access and prepare content from anywhere has made the team’s job easier, said RUV’s head of production, Gisli Berg, in a statement. 

Raiden’s powerful toolset enables meteorologists and content creators to produce captivating weather narratives. The most notable features include:

  • Powerful data aggregation: Raiden seamlessly acquires, processes, and visualizes preferred weather data from a wide range of sources for the XPression graphics engine
  • An intuitive story creation tool: A user-friendly web-based Interface enables users to quickly build or update a weather story and rundown from anywhere for live production
  • Integrated graphics system: An XPression Plugin with DataLinq™ enables broadcasters to design and operate news and weather content from a single graphics engine

“Raiden is the latest addition to the innovative lineup of Ross Graphics solutions that already includes our XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics system, our Piero Sports Analysis toolset and our Voyager Unreal-based Engine with the Lucid Control System” says Boromy Ung, senior director for product management and business development, graphics, in the statement. “With Raiden, we strengthen an already robust ecosystem of products designed for the newsroom. It’s another example of our commitment to advancing our solutions to empower customers to create the most captivating content and maintain their competitive edge in the broadcasting industry.”

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