Jamie Apody finally confirms she’s left Philly station

A longtime Philadelphia sports anchor is leaving WPVI after months of uncertainty.

Jamie Apody, whose contract expired back in late 2023 and has not been seen on air since October 2023, has announced she’s won’t be coming back to 6ABC’s air.

Apody has covered Philly sports for 18 years. 

“As you have probably all already figured out, after 18 years, it is with incredible mixed emotions that I can now make official that my time at 6abc has come to an end,” Apody wrote on her Facebook page. “It’s profoundly bittersweet. Because despite having a front row seat to so many memorable moments in Philadelphia sports after the past, almost 2-decades, I also MISSED so many memorable moments of my own.”

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer report, Apody chose to leave the station, though it’s not clear if she was entangled in negotiations with the station over the past six months or why the station remained quiet about her future. 

There’s no immediate word on her future. 

Apody lives in the area with her family.