Joan Bosch joins Sibling Rivalry Films as director

Sibling Films has added Joan Bosch to its roster of directors.

Bosch’s filmmaking combines the sensibilities of art films with a commercial outlook, always seeking out the beauty in the mundane moments of everyday life and drawing out their emotional, even supernatural potential.

Bosch draws inspiration not only from fellow filmmakers — relating to contemporaries such as Kelly Reichard, Kogonada and Joanna Hogg; and canonical directors such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Bergman and Ozu — but significantly from music and photography: ranging from shoegaze, ambient and electronica music genres, to visual artists such as Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase.

These influences converge to create work that centers on telling “small” stories in a way that prioritizes beauty and directness through a distinctly raw approach.

Having first developed his skills during his degree in audiovisual communication at Pompeu Fabra University School in Spain and an MFA in film directing at ESCAC, Bosch joined a Madrid-based production house working with clients like Netflix, Canon, and Hyundai.

It was there that he fell in love with ad-making: “I loved seeing how you could tell amazing narrative stories in just one or two minutes,” Bosch said in a statement. After five years, he received a Fulbright fellowship and moved to New York to develop a feature film screenplay and continued to work in advertising.

“I’ve learned that it really helps a director to be connected to not only the trends, but the innovations in the medium so you can adapt those to whatever you’re working on,” says Bosch. “I love that whether you’re working on promoting a brand or telling your own stories, you’re still connected to the language of film.”

It was Sibling Rivalry’s “creativity-led” ethos that chimed with Bosch, and led to him reaching out. “I could tell they weren’t just about numbers or strategy: I got the feeling that everybody was there for the projects—they really believe in creativity and doing things right,” says Bosch. “I want to be in a production company that feels like a family, and I really felt that with Sibling Rivalry. Also, their roster is amazing: it’s not huge, it’s very curated—all the directors are doing something fresh and new, but they all have a very different voice, so it felt like there was a gap for me and the type of projects I do.”


Darren Foldes, partner and managing director at Sibling Films, says: “There’s a poetry to Joan’s work, but it’s not at all pretentious: it’s capturing what makes something mundane beautiful in a way that transcends the technicalities of how something is lit or framed. There’s naturalism and a pureness to Joan’s work that just felt so right for Sibling Rivalry.”

Bosch has collaborated with international clients such as Netflix, UMG, Sony Music, Google, Condé Nast, Samsung, Canon, Audi, Hyundai, Airbnb and Vice, among many others. His work has been screened at international venues including, Anthology Film Archives (New York), Young Director Award (Cannes), La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (California), El Ojo de Iberoamérica (Buenos Aires), and Shiny Awards (London), and has been featured in numerous publications including Director’s Library, Director’s Notes,, Film Shortage, and Vimeo Staff Pick.

Bosch is represented by Roma in Spain and Rattling Stuff in the U.K.