Syncbak changes its name to Zeam Media

After launching streaming platform Zeam, Syncbak has announced it will be changing its name to Zeam Media.

The venture, which is a partnership between Syncbak, Gray Television and NAB, launched in February 2024. It pulls content from other 300 partner stations across the U.S.

The new change to include the word “media” is targeted at transitioning from being a primary tech company to a media, advertising and marketing company.

The company’s new website mentions advertising numerous times, while also mentioning its production services under the Zeam Studios name along with its Zeam Solutions offering to “eeliver content and target audiences like never before.” 

Zeam Solutions includes MediaMogul, a content management and monetization solution for live and on-demand streaming, as well as its AdSync dynamic advertising insertion technology. 

The move is likely aligned with the explosion of free advertising-supported streaming television offerings that also has the potential to uproot the advertising industry. With linear TV fading in popularity, direct-to-consumer streaming offerings have been growing in popularity.

Meanwhile, these platforms have also started leaning more on advertising for revenue as they face a consumer market that is growing increasingly frustrated by having to shell out money for multiple streaming subscriptions. 


In some cases, advertising revenue has also been shown to generate more revenue than subscription fees, though FAST providers are still facing issues with privacy concerns and tracking as well as ad-blindness on streamers despite many of them offering fewer advertising minutes per hour than traditional TV.

With the name change, Zeam Media also debuted its logo, which draws heavily on the previously-introduced Zeam design.

It essentially tacks on “Media” to the end of the existing wordmark, using the “e” in “Media” to implement the curved, flowing element to connect it to the “d” just like the “e” in “Zeam” morphs into the “a.” It’s worth noting that, in geometric sans serif fonts such as the one used as the base of the Zeam logos, the lowercase “a” and “d” are often very similarly-shaped in the bottom half; with the “d” simply adding a longer vertical stroke on the right.

The longer wordmark for Zeam Media also forced the design to shift its gradient across more letters, meaning the word “Zeam” is now primarily in the green-yellow range with “Media” using the rest of the colors found in the original Zeam logo.