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Sonnet announces Solo2.5G PCIe card

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Sonnet Technologies today announced the Solo2.5G PCIe Card, a new low-cost addition to Sonnet’s comprehensive array of ethernet network adapters.

The Solo2.5G PCIe Card adds 2.5 gigabit ethernet network connectivity to desktop PCs, enabling superfast data transfers over the existing Ethernet network cabling infrastructure found in most buildings and homes today.

Solo2.5G PCIe Card is a low-profile 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet adapter card for Windows and Linux computers.

Equipped with an RJ45 port plus link and activity LED indicators, the adapter supports 2.5GbE connectivity via common Cat 5e copper cabling at distances of up to 100 meters. The card installs into an available PCIe card slot and uses drivers built into operating system software.

Many desktop PCs include only a common gigabit ethernet port. When used with a 2.5GbE switch and 2.5GbE-connected network-attached storage, the Sonnet Solo2.5G PCIe Card enables users to back up and access files 2.5 times as fast and facilitates more people connecting to a media share server with less delay.

Coupled with a 2 Gigabit internet connection (available from Google Fiber), gamers experience reduced lag and increased smoothness of gameplay, while remote workers enjoy higher productivity. The Sonnet Solo2.5G PCIe Card delivers its impressive performance boost without a wiring upgrade, saving the expense of upgrading older infrastructure.

Solo2.5G PCIe Card (part number G2A5E-1X-E) is available now from Sonnet and soon from its worldwide distribution and reseller partners at the suggested retail price of $24.99.


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