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Accedo and Deutsche Telekom showcase next-gen immersive sports streaming

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Global video solutions provider Accedo, has worked with Deutsche Telekom to showcase an XR sports streaming application of its live sports streaming service, which will be used to showcase the potential for live football.

The solution is leveraging Accedo Xtend, Accedo’s solution for advanced XR applications in media complemented with solutions from Ateme and HISPlayer.

The XR solution will integrate live streams and data feeds to showcase a next-gen interactive sports service for MagentaSport. It will include a host of interactive features such as live statistics, multi-camera feeds, player cards, and 3D sponsored experiences, all-embracing the immersive aspects of the Accedo Xtend platform.

By incorporating Magenta’s live streams into an XR experience, Deutsche Telekom and Accedo are introducing fans to a viewing experience that is no longer constrained to the physical limitations of the TV screen. The application will blend fans’ physical and virtual worlds by displaying the match in the space around the fan, while also introducing a new layer of interaction where fans can access supplementary information such as team and player statistics and watch replays from different angles. It draws on solutions from Ateme and HISPlayer to ensure high quality video and experience with low latency and bandwidth, while enabling advanced features in new environments. Additionally, it enables sponsors to interact with fans in new ways to drive revenue.

“Accedo’s unrivalled experience and expertise within the XR, media and sports industries has enabled it to seamlessly build a high-quality XR live sports streaming experience. The application will allow us to deliver a truly immersive and engaging vision of a next-generation MagentaSport experience,” said Daniel Aslam, senior partner and business development manager, Deutsche Telekom, in a statement.

Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo, added: “As the sports industry evolves, we’re seeing a noticeable increase in activity and interest in XR applications. The Accedo Xtend platform enables immersive applications to be launched in record time with a configurable set of features, allowing for experimentation as well as cost control. We’re thrilled about this collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, which we believe will showcase the immense potential of spatial interactive user engagement for live sports.”

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