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Ateliere Creative Technologies announces acquisition of Agile Live to reduce costs for producing live events

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Ateliere Creative Technologies, a leading GenAI media software solutions company, and Agile Content, a leading TV platform operations and technology company, jointly announce Ateliere’s acquisition of Agile Live, the innovative cloud live TV production platform. Agile Live revolutionizes live TV and video content production for broadcasters, sports producers, and global newsrooms by utilizing next-generation software architecture and cloud technology thereby reducing costs by up to 70%. This acquisition marks a significant shift from traditional reliance on proprietary and costly custom hardware solutions to more cost-effective, scalable, and flexible IP-based systems.

“Agile Live strategically enhances a broadcaster’s capacity and streamlines the production of live content, substantially enriching the array of real-time entertainment accessible to consumers,” said Dan Goman, CEO and founder of Ateliere Creative Technologies. “With this acquisition, we are revolutionizing the live production content industry to deliver enhanced real-time content directly to consumers. It underscores Ateliere’s unwavering commitment to innovation, a hallmark of our reputation in the industry.”

The Agile Live software is utilized by top broadcasters like Sveriges Television (SVT) in Sweden. SVT has employed this technology for major sports events, reducing the amount of on-site equipment needed, streamlining workflows, and lowering overall production costs.

“SVT is at the forefront of broadcast technology innovation. We are building the software defined infrastructure that will support our business for many years, and the Agile Live system plays a key role in helping us deliver that vision,” said Dennis Buhr, Head of Production Development at SVT. “Our goal is to lower the technical and operational cost per produced hour to half or less of current levels, and we are excited about collaborating with Ateliere to further enhance the reach and capabilities of the system.”

Koldo Unanue, Agile Content CEO, said, “With Ateliere’s established portfolio, organizational strength, and market presence, the conditions are ideal for the technology and team to expand rapidly and achieve global success. We are eager to explore how our complementary portfolios and capabilities can advance our partnership, leading to the creation of new innovative solutions.”

This acquisition includes a highly experienced team of live production software engineers based in Stockholm, Sweden, who will join Ateliere.

Wolfson Partners LLC served as Ateliere’s financial advisor.


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