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Ateme to power TV+, the new OTT service of Canal+

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Ateme, the global leader in video compression, delivery, and streaming solutions with innovation at its core, today announced that Canal+ used Ateme NEA solutions to power TV+, its new streaming offering, bringing in one App, more than 80 live and catch-up TV channels, a selection of Canal+ SVOD contents, and including 8 digital channels.

Leveraging Ateme’s NEA solution for manifest manipulation and dynamic ad insertion in live streaming and VOD-to-Live workflow, Canal+ can aggregate linear and VOD content from the various channels of the group, and repurpose them in the new streaming offering. 

“With the launch of this new service, Canal+ is positioning itself more than ever as the reference in terms of content aggregation, in particular by using its own large content portfolio to launch new channels,” said Philippe Rivas, platform engineering manager at Canal+. “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Ateme team on this project. The NEA solution we co-created ensures smooth and efficient workflow operations and totally reinvents the way to build and distribute OTT channels while maintaining a high-quality end-user experience.”

This new collaboration continues the long-standing partnership between Canal+ and Ateme. Over the years, Ateme has been integral to the transformation of Canal+ across the delivery chain, contributing to advancements such as high-quality video compression, low-latency OTT streaming, multi-device packaging, and, most recently, dynamic ad insertion.

“We are very proud to continue supporting Canal+ in its innovation journey,” said Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer at Ateme. “The TV industry is undergoing significant changes, and Canal+, through its brand and technological leadership, consistently demonstrates its ability to adapt to these changes and provide new ways of consuming video content.”

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