TV News Slogan Generator

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Just like many products or companies, most television news operations have a slogan that is featured prominently throughout the programs and marketing efforts for the station.

These slogans often emphasize the station’s commitment to reliable news coverage and also mix in references to other aspects of the station’s strategy: Whether it’s an emphasis on consumer reporting, investigative pieces or live, on the scene coverage of the day’s news.

The same slogan may be used at many stations across the country at once, though rarely by more than one in the same market, for obvious reasons. Many news slogans are registered trademarks and are licensed from the intellectual property owner.

Some of the most popular TV news slogans include:

  • Where the News Comes First
  • Coverage You Can Count On
  • Live. Local. Latebreaking. (Often referred to internally as LLL)
  • On Your Side
  • Original Reporting (used by CBS owned and operated stations)

TV news slogans are typically incorporated into the opening sequence used at the beginning of the newscast, whether displayed on screen on read by the announcer.

This generator pokes fun at the over-the-top and superlative-prone slogans used by many TV stations to randomly generate longwinded slogans.