Meet the Press

Washington, D.C.
NBC News

Motion graphics and branding for NBC’s “Meet the Press,” which debuted with Kristen Welker as moderator on September 17, 2023.

The design is also used on NBC News Now for “Meet the Press Now.” 

The new logo features distinctive angular letters, a theme carried through to the graphics package that blends diagonal lines with kaleidoscopic effects. Both elements are prominent in the show open, which features Welker previewing the day’s stories and previewing panel members. 

The kaleidoscopic theme could be seen as a nod to the myriad of angles and perspectives in politics, along with being a visual nod to Washington, D.C.’s distinctive street grid that involves angles streets that cut through a more traditional grid pattern. It’s also, more pessimistically, an homage to the illusions and “smoke and mirrors” used in politics.