Press Release Submissions

NewscastStudio welcomes press releases and company news submissions that align with our editorial focus on broadcast design, technology, engineering and production.

Authorized users may submit press releases using the form below and we will evaluate it for posting, including making any edits to conform to our style. Submission does not guarantee placement.

Please note, submission via the form below does not automatically post the press release. It will be manually reviewed by our editorial team. 

Releases that do not pertain to our editorial focus and that do not follow the guidelines below will not be posted.

General Guidelines

  • Submission does not guarantee placement.
  • Releases should follow our editorial standards and AP style, and we reserve the right to edit for length, and clarity or to remove unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims.
  • Avoid puffery (such as “best” or “revolutionary” or “state of the art”).
  • When describing your company’s overview, avoid using statements or slogans that are overly complex or use too much jargon. These sentences should make it clear what you do and how it can help readers.
  • For claims regularly user base, clients or other usage data, we may require verification of those figures.


  • Press releases should follow AP style. Please note you may ned to edit your existing releases to meet this requirement.
  • Press releases should not include trademark (™ or ® or SM), copyright (©), or other superscript symbols (1st). They will be removed.
  • Do not capitalize or use non-standard formatting for product or services unless the product name is an acronym that still stands for something.
  • Press releases should not use all upper case characters in the headline or body.
  • Headlines must be written with only proper nouns and the first word capitalized and cannot be excessively long.
  • Remove all “boilerplate” summaries of companies from the release.
  • Remove all disclaimers about “forward looking statements” and other similar statements. Instead, link to the announcement on your investor site.
  • Remove all “end” marks such as “-30-” or “###”

Acceptable Content

  • Earnings announcements will not be posted.
  • Research reports and opinion papers that simply serve as promotional material for a vendor will not be posted.
  • Personnel changes and new office locations will be posted solely at our discretion.

Submitters who continue to violate these guidelines may find themselves losing privileges.


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