‘ABC World News with Diane Sawyer’ debuts with new look

‘World News with Diane Sawyer’ debuted with a new look and overall feel Monday.

The new graphics, using blue hues and ditching the previous floating cubes, were the first major change in graphics in five years for ABC World News. Continue reading for our complete review and many screenshots of the changes.

The first major change to the show is the graphics package. Gone are the red and blue colors, now shades of blue and white (almost a cream color) adorn the screen. The open still features the globe of years past but the globe now has a new center role.

The globe has been mapped with a nighttime view of Earth with the visible light creating hot spots as light circles the globe.

Previous Open:


New Open:

The graphics are a big improvement and look very polished compared to some of ABC’s other news properties. In some ways, they also match a few other ABC brands. Is ABC moving towards a more unified brand like CBS News?

The set was also updated with new blue graphics on the desk and walls. The RP now uses a blue loop instead of the previous yellow, red and blue gradient. The oddly placed 3D logo was also removed from the front of the anchor desk.

Overall, the newsroom part of the set seems more open and it appears some panels have been removed to make the background cleaner. This openness works well for on set interviews.



Overall, the new ‘ABC World News with Diane Sawyer’ brand is strong and cohesive and works great for Sawyer’s style.

The graphics all work well together and the brand appears to be fully thought out, unlike some networks. The new brand is one of the better evening news brands now on the air and will help carry ABC News into the future.

The one thing we do miss though, Bill Rice’s voice. The new open voiceover seems like almost an afterthought to the whole process…

View more shots of the updated set and graphics on the ABC World News page of the graphics section.

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  • Ruth Hopkins

    I love, I love, I love, etc…that beautiful blue globe as ABC Nightly News comes on with Diane Sawyer. I have searched and searched the big Internet trying all kinds of words, i.e. earth, abc nightly news introduction, blue world, you name it…all to no avail. Finally, Google suggested the word globe which also mentioned Diane Sawyer. But now I wish I could see it in animation like the nightly news. Can you please give me a link as to where I could see it over and over again because I love the color and the animation so much. Diane Sawyer is a very beautiful person, also very pretty and professional. We all love her in California. Please email me the link with animation. Thank you very much. Ruth O. Hopkins pobox348@hotmail.com

  • Me

    OK people, this is how its done. Love, love, love the new graphics! The open is quite lovely. The colors and movement work perfectly together. It’s not overshadowed by shiny, flashy things flying in and out of the z. I love the plasma on the front and behind the desk. The looping animation is not too distracting but really adds to the set. I do wish there was less wood panels and more plasmas, but I guessing that would have been too expensive.

  • Drew

    I had a terrible nightmare last night that when I turned on ABC’s World News on the weekend and Tom Arnold was the anchor! Yes, Tom Arnold associated with Rosanne Barr. I was furious with ABC and immediatly sent a letter stongly suggesting to remove him from the broadcast. “You’ve worked had to make your news organization respectable… remove Tom Arnold now as your weekend Anchor before ABC News becomes a complete and utter joke! I will stop watching ABC News but so would millions of others. Why have Diane Sawyer, a respectable journalist during weekdays and a complete joke on weekends?” I woke from this terrible dream.

    Like any normal human, I decided to try and interpret my dream and I concluded that I was disapointed in ABC News for having the same old graphics on weekends that they’ve had over the last few years. The new Diane Sawyer graphics aren’t a part of the weekend package! Have they just not had time to install the new look? It’s been two weeks or are they thinking it’s a point of difference.

  • Cournet

    the graphics reminds me of the The Early Show blue purple graphics.. the one with Dan’s name on it

  • clay

    I do wish ABC would remove the wood panels you still see off in the background. They don’t work as well with the blue colors. I do like the new look, except for those remaining panels. The opening intro voice bothers me too.

  • Marty

    Cbs should change their set and graphics if they want to attract viewers.. any update on the CBS graphics petition?

    • Dak Dillon

      We’ve not heard a peep, but changes are coming to The Early Show graphics (again).

  • AJ

    It’s interesting in that you saw ABC NEWS now has a more inform look as CBS does; ABC used to have a very uniformed look across all its new programs from 1978 onwards with World News Tonight, Nightline, 20/20, This Week w/David Brinkley, Primetime Live, World News This Morning, etc. Now matter what news program it was it had a look and feel that let you know it was an ABC NEWS program; it was a brand to its own, and the round abc logo was never used for news programming. They seem to have gotten away from that lately as This Week with GS, 20/20 look nothing alike. The words ABC NEWS don’t appear, just the round abc.