‘Nightly’ rolls out new open and graphics

NBC News quietly rolled out changes to “Nightly News” this week with a new open and graphics package.

The package brings more color into “Nightly” and features some of the design hallmarks present in the “Rock Center” package, including the large translucent squares. These squares are also in the election graphics for the network.

The new opening has been refined from the previous, and ends with a short logo, cutting away to a wide shot of the studio.

Instead of focusing on the past, the open now focuses on pieces of the globe, and then the GE Building.



The full screen is much cleaner, with only some hints of design with “laser lines” and some squares, gone is the ugly silver slide out “holding” the double box.

The lower third has now ditched the rotating globe and small “NBC Nightly News” text, in favor of clean lines and squares. The L3 also fades out better, compared to the previous.



Overall, the package is a polished version of the previous graphics package and looks good on TV. We only wish NBC News went outside the box to create something different and unique, like MSNBC’s graphics when they first appeared a few years ago. NBC News decided to not rock the boat, but to improve on its current package with some of its new visual style.

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  • Anonymous

    Hate them!!!!! Some block the view of what is being broadcasted others a just plan irritating

  • cindy

    I love it!! I want it for my phone!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I like the new look, but what are the floating spots on the edges of some pictures? They seem to be floating back and forth on some and up and down on others. They remind me of the sound track on the edge of old 35mm movie films.

  • I Love The New graphics for the NBC Nightly News Set
    Pretty Cool

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