Miami ‘Newsplex’ set for update

SFLTV reports changes are coming to WSVN-TV’s fabled Newsplex. They’re reporting that the set will be updated, similar to Sunbeam’s Boston station, WHDH-TV. “We hear is that the revamp will be mostly cosmetic… a barely noticeable refresh with a darker red duratrans strip and some more monitors as backdrops on the second floor that quite […]



AKA creates vibrant set for World Cup

CBC upcycled for the World Cup, resulting in a unique set that showcases host nation Brazil.

'AMHQ' debuts on Weather Channel

A new morning show with a new studio for Sam Champion.

Inside the CBC Olympic studio

Go behind the scenes of the CBC Olympic studio design, from start to finish.

Sochi Olympic Studio Design: Japanese Style

An exclusive look inside the Japanese studios at the IBC for its 2014 Winter Olympics coverage in Sochi.