TOP STORIES shrinks header nav bar

After just under a month on its new design, has tweaked the header to take up a bit less screen real estate. The new navigation bar condenses the weather, search box, main navigation and subnavigation bars to be just a bit shorter. The red CNN logo box, however, remains approximately the same size and […]



Q&A: Inside Warner/Chappell’s acquisition of Gari

Earlier this month, Warner/Chappell Production Music announced the acquisition of Frank Gari Productions and Gari Communications, adding Gari’s music assets to its expanding news music lineup. Warner/Chappell now controls the¬†news music packages¬†of 615 Music, Non Stop Music, Shelly Palmer and Gari Music. This mega-library includes iconic themes, such as “Eyewitness News,” “The Enforcer,” “The NBC […]

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