October 21, 2014

Yet another new ‘View’

We’re starting to think “The View” should change its name to “The View: For Now, Anyway” given its seemingly endless amounts of changes to its on air look. The ABC daytime talker unveiled yet more changes to its set and graphics Monday. On Monday’s show, despite what is probably the most drastic change since the […]

October 21, 2014

Seattle station mixes up Peyton Manning, Gary Payton

KOMO-TV, the ABC affiliate in Seattle, has found itself in a bit of a name mixup. The station, which was covering Peyton (note the spelling of “Peyton”) Manning’s new touchdown record, put up an OTS with what it thought was Manning’s photo. The photo was actually of Gary Payton (note the spelling of “Payton” here). Not only is […]

October 16, 2014

‘Nightly’ continues to adjust on air look

“NBC Nightly News” continues to tweak its on air look, including camera angles and graphics, after reworking its set in early September. On Wednesday’s broadcast, the network used a different opening shot, with the camera shooting anchor Brian Williams at a similar angle to its pre-show teases. The shot started wide, as shown above, with […]

October 13, 2014

CNBC debuts new graphics package

CNBC unveiled a new dayside graphics package today, giving the network a sharper look. “The powerful redesign features an engaging and improved way to deliver the important content and data CNBC viewers want,” said Jennifer Dauble of CNBC. The new look includes: Bug Stack – new look features a bug stack on the lower right Real-Time […]

October 13, 2014

‘There will be Helvetica to pay’ after CNN typo

Several sharp-eyed CNN viewers noticed an interesting typo on a CNN lower third regarding ISIS — a missing letter “R” that changed the word “front” to “font.” Of course, the inevitable font jokes quickly followed. Twitter user @shawnjvandiver tweeted: #ISIS has declared war on comic sans and calibri” as well as these gems:

October 9, 2014

Maxon announces Cinema 4D and Cineware upgrades

Software developer MAXON has announced its latest rounds of updates to Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware 2.0, which come with Adobe After Effects CC. The upgrades symbolize the ongoing strategic relationship between MAXON and Adobe to deliver improved integration and performance between MAXON’s powerful 3D application, Cinema 4D, and Adobe’s industry-leading software. The new updates […]

October 9, 2014

Bloomberg debuts “With All Due Respect”

Backed by political junkies Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, Bloomberg mixed technology and comfy for its new show “With All Due Respect.” Bloomberg built out a new set for the show, which broadcasts from the companies New York City HQ. Home base includes two large chairs and a coffee table. Halperin and Heilemann anchor the show from the chairs, getting a […]

October 7, 2014

RCS powers football coverage for Norway’s SBS Discovery

Scandinavian media group, SBS Discovery enlisted graphics technology provider Reality Check Systems (RCS) and sports production company Fotball Media to rebrand its on-air image ahead of the UEFA Euro 2016 football qualifies and 2018 FIFA World Cup. “After purchasing the rights, we knew we’d need an innovative technology partner that could build us a graphics […]

October 2, 2014

‘The View’ furthers its graphical identity crisis by going pink

ABC‘s “The View” is marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month by going pink — and along the way has managed to further muddle the on air look and feel that’s barely had a chance to stretch its (metaphorical) legs. The show, which debuted a completely new look in September, also recently tweaked its graphics to include […]

October 1, 2014

Morning shows go pink for breast cancer

NBC‘s “Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” both tweaked their graphics packages in recognition of the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NBC tinted its logo pink in some uses as well as the bug and lower thirds during most of the show, while ABC News opted to only “pink-ify” its bug and some […]