March 2, 2015

Thomas Roberts debuts on MSNBC dayside

With a mix of headlines, social media and Steadicam shots, “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts” debuted today. Using an upbeat format with quick changes and less talking heads discussing politics, the show feels like an MSNBC program from a different era. The show actually flowed from one story to another, instead of drowning in debate […]

February 24, 2015

MSNBC moves to a simpler graphic look

MSNBC rolled out an updated graphics package this week. Similar to the 2014 changes by CNN, the updates include an updated header bar and lower third. The new L3 has a singular focus, and removes the previous branding box. The new lower-third includes large upper case text that spans nearly the width of the screen. The […]

February 23, 2015

Boston station creates ’16 box’ (or is it a ’17 box’?)

Not to be outdone by KTVT-TV‘s “14 box,” Boston‘s WCVB-TV whipped up a “16 box” — that could arguably be described as a “17 box.” The Boston Hearst ABC affiliate, wrapped up in covering a winter storm of its own a few weeks ago, threw up 16 of its reporters, anchors and meteorologists on screen […]

February 23, 2015

Dallas station airs ’14 box’ for storm coverage

It was just over a year ago that Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV grabbed attention for its “14 box” team coverage graphic during a winter storm — and now a Dallas station has followed suit. KTVT-TV, the market’s CBS O&O, presented its coverage of the winter storm bearing down on the region under the “Eye on […]

February 23, 2015

‘GMA’ goes golden for Oscars coverage

ABC News‘ “Good Morning America” turned its lower thirds golden for its post-Oscar coverage this morning. The lower thirds, which were modified versions of the show’s standard “ribbon” design, included a bright yellow main tier and a lighter toned second tier that also included a gloss effect on the left side. The show also changed […]

February 20, 2015

Kentucky station airs ‘wanted’ mug of ‘Frozen’ character

The folks in the small, rural town of Harlan, Ken. are fed up with winter and one TV station was more than happy to help get the word out about the “fugitive” responsible for it. The police in Harlan, posted an announcement on its Facebook page that it had “issued a warrant” for Elsa, a character from […]

February 19, 2015

CNN banner ‘changes’ Obama’s stance on Muslims

In a lower third banner that ran during its coverage of an event President Obama was attending, CNN omitted a key word that drastically changed the meaning of what the president said. The network’s banner that aired under Obama’s image read: “Obama: Must ‘Stigmatize’ Muslim Community.” Less than a minute later, the network swapped out the […]

February 18, 2015

‘Endless Options: Closed Today': An ironic closings ticker entry

A Missouri charity was listed as “Closed Today” on a TV closings ticker despite its seemingly non-restrictive name. The organization, called Endless Options, is located in Fayette, Mo., and works with individuals with developmental disabilities. Due to the recent winter weather, the organization closed Monday for safety concerns, along with many other schools, businesses and organizations in the […]

February 17, 2015

CNNI goes simple for ‘Newsroom’ rebrand

CNNI unveiled a new look for “Newsroom” that sheds the extruded 3D in favor of a simple, clean one. The new look features a dominant blue background with the word “Newsroom” subtly blended into the background. The show’s logo also now features simplified typography with just the network’s logo in a red box followed by the […]

February 13, 2015

Jacksonville station labels Brian Williams ‘raccoon meat’

A misplaced lower third airing with the wrong video clip made for an awkward juxtaposition at one Jacksonville station. WJXT-TV anchor Rob Sweeting was teasing a story about eating raccoon meat (remember, it’s sweeps) when embattled NBC News anchor Brian Williams‘ photo popped up on screen. A standing Sweeting spotted the error and stumbled over the […]