New Orleans CBS affiliate debuts new set, mixing brick and technology

WWL-TV, the Belo New Orleans CBS affiliate, took the wraps off its new home today.

The set was designed by FX Design Group and features a 3×3 zero-bezel monitor wall camera center.

Windows, brick and frosted plexiglass add depth and character to the set, which is similar to WCCO-TV and WBNS-TV.

One really nice area of set is a faux spiral staircase with  vertical monitor. This area will be great for standups and matches the sets character.

Overall, this set is a great addition to WWL-TV, replacing its much dated and refreshed home. FX has stepped up its design style this year with new designs and great lighting design.

Images via WWL-TV

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  • Looks like WWL’s sister station in SE VA (WVEC) got short-changed big time with their new set…

  • Eric

    FX did a nice job with the new WWL-TV set. As for HD newscasts… I’m guessing that WVUE is the only New Orleans station broadcasting news in 16:9 true high-definition. I believe WWL, WDSU, and WGNO are in 16:9 standard definition widescreen (but not true HD).

    I’m aware of WGNO moving to its present day facility in August, 2007, on the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

    There was some rumors and rumblings of WWL getting a new broadcast facility, and I’m guessing that plans for a new facility were scrapped when the economy took a nose-dive… and I’m guessing that WWL is still at its long-time broadcast facility.

    I’m hoping that WDSU will be getting HD newscasts soon… as well as getting new Hearst graphics and music on their newscasts.