February 25, 2013

Dallas promo paints anchor as man of action

Dallas O&O KTVT-TV has begun airing a promo for primary anchor Doug Dunbar, portraying him as an active family man who also happens to be a pilot and runner.

The promo uses a faux stop action technique that has Dunbar literally walking through various scenes during the promo, changing outfits several times and finally ending up in the station’s studio.

To accompany the stop action look, the video has also been stylized with a textural effect and uses several cutout-style elements as transitions.

HT Uncle Barky

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2 Responses to “Dallas promo paints anchor as man of action”

  1. I did the compositing on this spot. It took MANY hours of intensive After Effects work to get it finished. But it was a really fun promo. Writer, Editor and Director : David Hershey Producer: Mike Stewart Graphics, Editor and Compositing : Jason L. Brown Jason L. Brown


    • Great job! NewscastStudio