Louisville Tegna station adds local symbolism to set

WHAS, Tegna’s ABC affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky, has debuted a new set sporting the station group’s standard design with a local touch incorporated into the “in the round” style anchor desk.

Like its sister station KHOU in Houston, WHAS received Jack Morton PDG’s unique anchor desk designed for multiple configurations, including roundtables, traditional anchor setups and 360 shooting.

The design brings in a bit of local flair with the addition of two dimensional, backlit fleur-de-lis symbols on the outer sides of the desk.

The fleur-de-lis is featured prominently in Louisville, including on the city’s seal, as it was the symbol of King Louis XVI of France, for whom the city is named.

The large video panels on the set also give the station the flexibility to add Louisville skylines and topical graphics.

The set’s weather center include workstations and a presentation area and is warmed up the by the use of wood and gray toned panels fronted by flat screens in two sizes.

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  • MrSchimpf

    I’ve been in Louisville; the fleur-de-lis is barely used on anything at all. This desk design reads as something fabricated for WWL as a replacement desk and rejected locally as bland and condescending to the New Orleans market. WHAS was better off keeping the same set they’ve been on since the 90’s; this looks like something out of some sitcom’s interpretation of a news set, Garage Band news sting and all.

  • Randall Mckenny

    Still better than WJZ from Baltimore, they will never be featured here…. Same set since 1998…. O & O CBS Station with no desire to change…


    I’ve pretty much have complained for the whole year that the Tegna sets are garbage. I live in Seattle, and Tegna station KING-TV has this horrible set. So does the station in Denver (KUSA), and sadly, many others. I’ve complained to KING 5 that the set looks cheap, in the way some car companies use lighting elements as the sole design feature on some of their automobiles, while the rest of the car is painted by an ugly stick (of which, anyone in design, which I am, understands you cannot do). The tegna sets also have these cheap, faux office panel look that is obviously nobody there took the time to figure out was horrible…plus, they do this four panel HD screen thing, that wreaks of low-budget (and lack of imagination for a station group their size). They are doing a look that low market stations even have. At the end of the day, the round CBS This Morning-eque desks they have are prolly worth more than their entire set.

  • Michael Kasselman

    UGLY set!! How many veteran anchors and staff members did they have to lay off?

    • Hey Now

      It’s a pretty set. But the rest of what you say is right. Tenga is crap