7 ways stations name their morning newscasts

While many stations use the straightforward approach of simply naming each newscast with the time it starts (think 5 News at 5), morning newscasts are sometimes branded under more unique names.

Here’s some of the most popular:

Typically combined with the station’s name or newscast branding, the “Today” name for the morning newscast is almost exclusively used by NBC stations, in a variety of formats such as “NBC 5 News Today” or “Today in New York.”

The name obviously is a great way to tie into the network’s morning news program, “The Today Show,” which airs right after the morning news.

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  • Eric

    Other good morning news names… there’s also “Daybreak” and “Wake Up”. There’s also “Morning News”.

    WMAZ (CBS Macon) has for a number of years went with First Mornin’ for its 5AM, Early Mornin’ for 5:30AM, This Mornin’ for 6AM, and Mornin’ for 6:30AM. WXIA (NBC Atlanta) has an unusual name for its morning news… “Atlanta Alive”. KFSN (ABC Fresno) does “AM Live” for their morning news. I’d like to say “Rising” got started by WCCB (CW Charlotte) during their Fox affiliation era.

    • Eric

      Late news brandings, if a story is done on that… Tonight (NBC), Nightbeat (you’d find on some Cox Media Group stations), Nightside, and News Edge (Fox O&O). Outdated late news names… Update, Nightcast, and Nightwatch.