HLN gets new logo, new look … again

HLN, CNN’s sister network, has rebranded itself once again with the help of Troika.

The network debuted a new, square logo with rounded corners that sheds the “speech bubble” tail and utilizes a typeface with similar, rounded corners — the latest in a long string of name changes, strategies and logo designs.

The square appears in a bright yet bold shade of blue.

In addition to the new logo, the network is also sporting a new tagline: “News that hits home,” an indication of the new brand’s direction of re-focusing more on news headlines after its short-lived social media and interactive news strategy period.

Though the new logo doesn’t include a direct mention of the CNN name (nor does it return to using the full name “CNN Headline News), the use of a logo-in-a-box is similar to the mother ship’s brand standards, with the insert graphics also similar in shape and design.

The rounded corner motif also have some visual connections to the iconic CNN logo.

In addition to the logo update, the network’s insert graphics mirror the rounded corner look its lower thirds, logo bug, live bug and other elements.

The graphics mix in orange and yellow along with white and make use of CNN’s proprietary “CNN Sans” font.

The updated graphics package carries on some of the similarities of the modular approach used before. 

While most HLN shows appear to be retaining their own individual logotypes, the graphics package also includes a way to incorporate the show’s name next to the logo bug in CNN Sans.

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  • It looks like someone just learned how to intersect curved shapes in Photoshop, then tried to design graphics for a fantasy local broadcast station with that knowledge. I was designing more creative logos and L3’s when I was ten years old.

    • el an

      I know right! And with the studios and backgrounds they are using don’t you think that blue is a rather odd (see: stupid) choice for the logo background on the bottom right. It just seems to blend in with the background in at least two of the screencaps.

      • I dunno. I like the colors (except the darker shade of blue, that shouldn’t be in the graphics with the set using them both for emphasis as well, because you’re right, that DOES get monotonous), but not necessarily which elements they chose to use them for. For example, I think they should have used the orange for the lower section and the “LIVE” / time bug, and used yellow for the “DEVELOPING” bug and the background for the large headlines. The lighter blue works for the logo in my mind, but it *does* need something surrounding it to make it stand out better. Maybe a thick white stroke or a light outer glow. I know that takes away from the flat simplicity of the rest of the package, but maybe all of the separated sections could use the same effect to stand out from what’s behind them. There’s a reason graphics have generally always used strokes, drop-shadows and glows behind them: to stand out from similar-colored backgrounds in situations exactly like this. I know the “in” thing right now is to go for the flat, simplistic look, but if you flub it (like CNN has done here), it’s just plain difficult to look at.