Contribute Graphics

NewscastStudio counts on your contributions of graphics package screen grabs! Our goal is to become the world’s largest source of images of news sets from around the world.

What types of graphics we’re looking for…

  • Screen grabs of news graphics packages
  • Opens
  • Closes
  • Reopens
  • Talent reopens
  • Full screen graphics
  • Stingers
  • Lower Thirds
  • OTSs
  • Rear screen projection graphics
  • Video of graphical elements

What types of graphics we’re not looking for…

We do NOT accept images of corporate or DVD graphics.

Image guidelines

To contribute material, simply send your materials to the email address below. However, we ask that you consider these points:

  • Images should be as clear as possible and in a good quality resolution
  • If possible, export graphics directly from the program they were created in.
  • We prefer JPEG format
  • We prefer MPEG, AVI, MOV videos. We cannot use videos with codecs.
  • The total size of your email cannot be larger than 10MB. If you need to send larger files, particularly video clips, please email us first to arrange an alternate delivery method.

Turnaround time

Though we make every effort to post images as quickly as possible, it may take several weeks for your images to appear.

Set information to include

It is helpful if you can include as much of this information as possible (but this is not required):

  • Station call letters
  • Station channel number
  • Station city
  • Station network affiliation
  • First year graphics package was used
  • Last year graphics package was used (if applicable)
  • Firm or name of person who designed the graphics

Credit of images

It is important to carefully consider the repercussions of having images credited to you — including possible disciplinary action from your employer. We cannot be responsible for any results of having images credited to you and therefore will only credit submitters if explicitly requested.

If you want your name or nickname used, please clearly state so in your email. It is our policy to NOT credit contributors unless they explicitly request credit.

We respect your privacy

NewscastStudio will not release submitter information unless presented with a valid court subpoena. Once a submission has been processed the original electronic and/or hard copies are destroyed.

Once a submission has been processed the original electronic and/or hard copies are deleted or destroyed, although, as with any data, it is possible for the emails and files to be retrieved at a later time.

Contributing by email

Email is the best way to submit materials. You can e-mail materials to the address below. Please do not e-mail files larger than 20MB. If you need to send files larger than 20MB, email us a note to arrange an alternate method.

Remember to let us know if you’d like credit (see section above) in your message’s body.

Click here to send materials via email.

Submitting CDs, DVDs or prints

You can also mail hard copies of photographs or digital files on CD to the address below. If you want your disks or photos back, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage — otherwise, we will be unable to return the disks or prints.

The address is:

PO Box 1994
Columbia, MO 65205-1994

Terms and conditions

We try to use all images submitted, however, we do reserve the right to edit or reject submissions. You’ll receive a reply email from us let you know if we’re going to post your images or not.

By contributing images or other materials, you agree to our submission terms and conditions:

  • Your first name or nickname, if provided, will be posted. By providing us with this information, you are acknowledging any potential repercussions of having your name associated with the posting and that you take full responsibility for any results.
  • You understand that all images, comments and other material submitted may be posted on the World Wide Web for the general public to read, cite or otherwise use.
  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to edit, reject or classify any material for any reason.
  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to remove any comments already posted on our Web site.
  • Comments are subject to editing for grammar, spelling, content, space or other reasons, at our sole discretion.
  • All comments become the property of NewscastStudio and may be reproduced on the World Wide Web or any other medium in existence or yet to be invented without compensation of any kind.
  • By submitting images, you are certifying you are not submitting them for the purpose of initializing legal action against NewscastStudio or its owners.
  • By submitting images, you are certifying you believe the images to covered under fair use and that you are reasonably sure legal action will not result from our use of the images.
  • Our email addresses and forms are intended for the sole purpose of contributing material to this Web site or contacting us regarding this Web site. Any material sent meant for television stations, networks or other entities not affiliated with NewscastStudio will be deleted with no reply and without any attempt being made to forward the material to the appropriate party. NewscastStudio cannot be responsible for messages sent to us meant for other parties.
  • Your email address, if provided, may be added to the NewscastStudio mailing list and you will receive periodic mailings (in general, no more than one per week). If you wish to unsubscribe from this list, simply follow the instructions provided.
  • By submitting materials, you certify you have read and agree to our copyright disclaimer.