SetStudio is now NewscastStudio

Welcome to the new SetStudio. We’re glad you’re here. Over the past few months, we’ve been busy redesigning, coding and developing a completely new site.

The biggest change is also the most obvious: our name has changed. To better reflect our expanded content while still keeping our connection to the original site, SetStudio is now known as NewscastStudio.

Don’t worry, though. SetStudio is still here — it’s just a part of the overall NewscastStudio site. In fact, SetStudio is now better than ever, though many of the changes are behind-the-scenes. We’ve installed a back-end content management system that allows us to add photos much faster than before. On the old site, adding new images was a time-consuming process that required extensive hand-editing of code. The process is now streamlined — which means more photos of sets faster!

The commenting feature of the site now uses a moderated submission system, allowing you to quickly and easily share your thoughts on all of the sets in the collection. For us administrators, comments can easily be approved for posting.

We’ve also expanded upon SetStudio’s content to include graphics. Though small now, this section will include screen grabs of news graphics packages from around the world. We encourage you to submit your favorite graphics packages and help build our collection.

Also new is a link directory and interactive forum. The links feature will connect you with the best TV news resources online as well as submit your own links. Our new forum will serve as a place to discuss the latest happenings, trends and issues in the TV news industry. This section does require a free registration to fully participate.

Finally, we’ve added this blog, which will keep you update-to-date on not only the latest additions to the NewscastStudio site, but also news, analysis and tips.

We hope you enjoy the new site and take advantage of all it has to offer.




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