Site update

Some of you may be wondering what’s going on with SetStudio. We promised more updates more often. Don’t worry, we fully intend on keeping that promise. SetStudio was officially renamed NewscastStudio on Tuesday, Jan. 8. However, as with any site launch, there’s always some bugs to be worked out. So, we’re using this first week as a “test” period. Call it “beta” if you like, but we agree with Flickr that that terms seems overused.

Beginning next week we hope to begin full-scale updates to SetStudio, the blog, forum and other elements of this site, as well as a continuing improvement of the design and functionality — plus lots of new stuff to come.

We’ll also start actively promoting the new site next week; we’ve kept the re-launch fairly quiet until now to avoid having an overloaded server during this test phase.

We appreciate all your patience and hope you’ll keep visiting to see the exciting plans we have!



Site Updates