Super Tuesday: Wrap Up

It was an interesting evening full of new technology, integration with new platforms, and many new creative elements. Overall, the night went smoothly for all networks involved, given the amount of talent involved both on air and off air. Super Tuesday helped usher in new enhancements also, from MSNBC’s new 3d Virtual Reality graphics, to FOX News new Election Center, complete with virtual, scrolling LED’s.

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Super Tuesday was broadcast live by many networks, with many different ways of delivery, but overall the coverage was on par with what America has come to expect from its media. It will be interesting to see how long all the gizmos, new sets, and extras last, and if some will disappear and then reappear for November. For example, will CNN keep its Election Center “open for business” till November, or will the Communications Center return for a bit? Also, will FOX News continue to use its Election Center, or will they returned the rented plasmas?

Here is a recap of the coverage.

NBC/MSNBC – Both NBC and MSNBC used new graphics and gadgets to convey the election results. MSNBC heavily used its new 3d VR technology while NBC liked to use the good ole full screen graphic. NBC and MSNBC also made heavy use of all the 30 Rock studios. Talent was placed in the Nightly studio, the MSNBC studio, the Today Show studio, and in Washington. This total team coverage helped make the data easier for the viewers to understand.

CNN – The powerhouse of Super Tuesday, CNN received the highest overnight Nielsen ratings for the night. During their coverage they relied heavily on their new multitouch display and super wall at the CNN Election Center. Overall, their coverage was on par with what viewers expect out of CNN.

ABC – ABC had over 5 hours of live Showdown: Coast to Coast with results, analysis, and much more. The coverage was anchored from their main news studio, and featuring talent from their morning shows, world news, and Sunday programming.

CBS – CBS had a 2 hour coverage block and provided analysis from the CBS Evening News studio. The set was decorated all patriotic with the typically American flag duras and elements. CBS also relied on a new “sports jumbo score board” to give viewers a look at the numbers as they returned and went to commercial break. One downside of their coverage though, was the overhead camera shot. It felt too much like a cooking show.


FOX News – FOX News anchored hours of coverage from their new Election Center. Overall, the new Election Center provided a good backdrop for anchors and talent. They all seemed to gel well with the new environment, too bad its only temporary. FOX also used new touch screen displays to show the information to the viewer.

BBC America – BBC America gave a world perspective on their coverage. They broadcast live from Washington, New York, and London, giving a truly global look at the coverage. While their presentation was not over the top like some, it worked really well for the network, and we would be interested to see more coverage of major events out of them.

PBS – PBS anchored a multi-hour election block with Jim Lehrer provided the talent. They used Jim’s set and a nice set of graphics. For PBS, the coverage was above par, and turned out nice.

This has been a brief recap of Super Tuesday. Overall, the night provided a good look at what we have coming ahead in the creative world, from new sets and graphics, to new ways to shoot a set.

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