‘Hollywood’ sound, customization tools make Non Stop Music stand out

nabpreviewicon.jpgOver the past year, Non Stop Music has launched or updated more than 14 syndicated news music packages, all to deepen its routes in the news music field.

All along, Non Stop’s strategy has been simple: “The industry’s sounds are always changing — people always want the latest, coolest sounds, and we are just finishing updating over half of all our syndicated news packages with those latest sounds,” said Non Stop’s Mike Hicks. “Yet, some things never change, like the need for a musical logo a station can brand itself with. We’ve simply taken these proven musical logos and dressed them up in new, hip clothes.”

At the heart of Non Stop’s music is a broad combination of orchestral styling and pounding rock beats. This is evident in Momentum News, the company’s premier package with over 1,238 cuts. (Sample)

“The combination of orchestral sounds with rock elements is one of Non-Stop’s specialties. You hear it all the time in Hollywood, which Non-Stop has been the dominant contributor to for 20 years, so our ability to translate that into news music came naturally.”

This combination of rock and orchestral styling allows the music to have a big Hollywood feel but also to have the urgency needed for news. Each of the 14 syndicated packages has many themes, with each containing cues for morning, mid-day and evening news.

Each Non Stop Music package has a unique signature beat, helping create a clear branding package around that beat. Momentum News has a striking four-note beat that has all the urgency of news, but with the full orchrestral sweeps of Hollywood. The package combines intermixed with these elements racing rock undertones to create one of Non Stop’s newest and most popular packages.

Weighing in at only 250 cuts, Alchemy News also packs a punch. Alchemy News was launched late in 2006 to meet the needs of middle market stations, and has since been used by many stations, including KTVX-TV in Utah and KGPE in California. (Sample)

Platinum News crosses the generation gap with upbeat urgency. Platinum News contains 620 cuts, ranging from a modern techno disco beat to a full orchestral beat. This package is perfect for any station, especially one concentrating on a younger demographic. Click here to listen: (Sample)


With over 14 syndicated packages out now, and more on the way, it’s hard not to find a package that is right for any station. From the Good Day News package, aimed at morning news, to the classic Primetime News, every station is easily covered.

With so many packages and cuts to choose from, it’s hard not to find a perfect cue, but if that is the case, Non Stop Music has the station covered. If the package doesn’t have a cue a producer is looking for, an innovative tool allows producers to make their own. “Non-Stop Music has launched a new product to accompany all its syndicated news music packages: News Tools. News Tools breaks down each package into musical blocks that make life easy for editors at news stations.” News Tools allow stations to change their music on the fly, and update the theme as needed, also they can create custom mixes, ensuring the length is perfect. “Need a musical bed to go longer or shorter? Need a stripped down version of something? Do you want to end the cut of music sooner? Customizing our packages is as simple as a kindergarten puzzle and the possibilities are endless.”

Along with News Tools, CUEgle has also helped change Non Stop’s business model and way of distribution. “CUEgle has opened up so many doors for us. Not only can people access the Non-Stop Music Library through CUEgle online, but many of our clients who have had experience on our competitor’s online search sites have raved about CUEgle.” CUEgle provides the tools producers need to access the entire Non Stop library at one click, allowing easy browsing, sampling, and downloading. “CUEgle has definitely helped our clients find the music they need in a much quicker and easier fashion.”

One element that sets Non Stop Music apart is its use of real orchestras to bring home the urgency of the news package. “We pride ourselves on using real sounds for our music. We have a large studio, L.A. East Recording Studios, with a great room that holds up to 90 musicians. Play our music side by side with our competitors’ and you notice a real difference.” This commitment to real sounds helps set Non Stop Music apart from its competition.

Throughout 2008, watch for continued updates to Non Stop Music’s package, along with many new custom projects.

No matter how you spin a news music package, one thing is always at the heart— the sound. As Non Stop Music has progressed, its sounds have emerged as a dominate beat in the news music industry.

If heading to NAB make sure to stop by Non Stop Music’s Booth SL10615, or at RTNDA@NAB Booth R306.