Unique themes with modern updates from Gari

Over the past decades, Gari Communications has produced some of the most memorable news music themes, from “Hello News” to “Eyewitness News.”

Each new theme represents a broad mix or orchestral and synthetic textures driving home the story. This rich history has helped Gari Communications become one of the leading news music composers in television.

Last year, compared to years past, was a relatively quiet year for Gari Communications, but the company continued to make noise.

As station groups shift to a unified theme, Gari Communications was able to provide that for Sinclair in the form of “Daily News.” Daily News features an interesting logo theme with many mix outs and variations, the perfect package for any size station.

Gari Communications has also been busy aggressively updating all of its signature themes into “Next Generation” versions. Each Next Generation version features an updated logo theme with new orchestration and textures, giving it a broader appeal to stations.


Eyewitness News Next Generation features an aggressive remixed version of the famous Eyewitness News logo. This new logo brings home the message of importance and grabs viewer’s attention.

Gari Communications has composed some of the most recognizable music in television news, and over the next year it will be interesting to see what Frank Gari and son Chris Gari have up their shelves.

To listen to samples, visit: Gari Communications.