New set firm springs into new designs

nabpreviewicon.jpgThough a new firm, Clickspring Design is backed by experienced designs who have created many high-profile sets at some of the biggest names in television.

According to the firm’s Web site, the firm places emphasis on “experiential design” that is defined as “dimensionalizing client-specific content and communication objectives through environmental design.”
Clickspring’s highest profile work of the year was the new NBC News world headquarters in a New York City, an innovative space that combined two sets with a newsroom sandwiched in between.

On one end of the environment, a movable anchor desk for MSNBC uses the newsroom as a background on one side and rear projection screens and two-story plasma array on the other. A functioning balcony provides additional reporting areas.

Across the newsroom, a glass-enclosed studio houses the new home for “NBC Nightly News.” A combination of windows overlooking the newsroom and expansive rear projection screen give producers two distinct backgrounds.

The entire environment is appointed with ultra-modern European style accouterments, clean lines and innovative uses of technology. Rich red-toned walls contrast with the sleek metal and gray finishes found throughout the studio, while backlit panels change color throughout the day — red for breaking news, blue and purple during regular live news coverage and orange in the mornings. Large, boxy lighting fixtures are also tied into the color themes.