Red Lasso suspends service

RedLasso, a site that monitors, records and makes TV video feeds available to bloggers has suspended its video service in the wake of mounting legal problems.

Two days ago NBC Universal and News Corp. filed a lawsuit against the company, and two months ago was served a letter from CBS, NBC and News Corp. demanding the site cease its service. Since that letter, content from CBS has disappeared from the site.

The site has posted a notice on its site reading:

“We would like to thank you for your continued support of Redlasso.  You have been essential to making Redlasso a household name online.  Unfortunately, due to the legal actions taken against Redlasso by two networks, we are left with no alternative but to suspend access to our video search and clipping Beta site FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE.  The networks have provided a big blow to the blogger community’s right to exercise the first amendment and comment on newsworthy events.  It is anti-Web. During this service suspension, we will continue our conversations with content providers, with the goal of establishing formal partnerships that will quickly help us restore access to the Beta site.”

Oddly, the notice is posted in the press release section of the site, not on the homepage, which shows no indicated of the shutdown.