ET lights up new studio with massive sets

“Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” have moved from the Paramount lot to the the CBS studio facilities in Studio City, Calif.

With the move comes two huge new, interconnected sets, one for each show.

(See three video tours of the new facility after the jump)

As the show’s executive produders points out here, the soundstage is divided into wedge shapes.

On the Entertainment Tonight side, there is a 180-degree LED wall that can display a myriad of colors as well as video feeds, a rotating platform with rotating plasma screens that serves as both an anchor and interview background as well as, when placed in a certain position, a sort of “red carpet” walkway for hosts to present stories from.


A portion of the LED wall slides out and allows talent to interact with each other when transitioning from one show to another on stations that carry both.

The Insider side, dubbed the “Bus,” includes a large rendition of the show’s logo that is backlit as well as lighted walls in bold orange tones.

Producers and set designer Steve Bass, who has done work for numerous award shows, wanted to create the feel of an awards show, full of energy, glitz and brightness.

The set’s pedestal-mounted HD cameras had to be placed on high platforms in order to accommodate where talent stands on these huge sets. The studio, which shares cameras between the two shows, also includes two jib-mounted cameras.