Now Maddow’s show isn’t using cool camera moves

Hopefully it’s just a case of short staffing due to a camera operators getting sick from too much Halloween candy, but it seems The Rachel Maddow Show may be dropping its use of camera moves.

Friday’s edition of the show featured almost all stationery one-shots on Maddow; no slick push-ins or use of the rear projection screens.

Yesterday’s show, which was broadcast from Sarasota, Fla., featured a never-before-seen OTS graphic template since Maddow reported from a baseball field and didn’t have access to the MSNBC studio’s large RPs. Well, those OTSs were used almost exclusively Friday night.

It’s also interesting to note that Kent Jones, who usually joins Maddow during the show’s last block was shown in split screen rather than at the desk. It wasn’t clear where he was reporting from (he may have been out of town) so we’re not sure if him not joining Maddow at the anchor desk was by design or necessity.

Are fancy camera moves necessary? Of course not. But they do give a show a polished, professional look that’s also interesting to watch — especially for news junkies like me.