News sites start gearing up for voting coverage

The major news sites (sans have started posting specially-designed homepages for tonight’s election coverage. Shown above is’s main news section on the homepage. CNN has a nicely designed section that allows readers to access headlines and see electoral votes. In addition, an additional ticker near the top of the page displays other data.

CNN’s design works particularly well because of its poll closing time map. The other sites are, as of 2:35 p.m. CT, simply displaying empty electoral maps. CNN, on the other hand, has put its map to good use in the hours leading up to the election. has this elegant and simple design:

MSNBC has a similar look, though designers opted to use a more modern, shiny look:

Advertisement is using a multi-tabbed design that allows users to access presidential, senatorial, house, gubernatorial and poll closing time information. However, ABC could have opted to make the “Poll Closing Time” tab active in the hours before data starts coming in: is the only major network news site that hasn’t activated any kind of election module on its homepage, though there is a large graphic banner and text links to related stories.