Will 3-D NFL game set a trend? We hope not.

UPDATE: This experiment hit a roadblock when satellite glitches knocked the game off the air in some cities.

As you may have heard, the NFL will beam a game in 3D to select movie theaters across the country. Oh great. Can you see it now? “You’re watching Channel 6 Eyewitness News HD 3-D.”

Will sports fans respond? It will be interesting to see. On one hand, new twists on sports television such as the XFL didn’t catch on. But on the other, sports fans do enjoy goofy foam hands and cheese wedge hats so why not some cool 3-D glasses?

Do we realistically think 3-D will ever show up in news? Certainly not any time soon. Stations are still reeling from the HD switch — something that didn’t always pay off in the eyes of executives. Plus, it’s probably a bit too gimmicky for TV news.

That said, many people probably never though we’d see the day when a major cable network would use simulated “holograms” to create the illusion that in-studio anchors are interviewing field reporters.

It does give one reason to pause and wonder how television news can improve on HD once it becomes the norm. Certainly with all the research into such gadgets as paper-thin, flexible television screens and innovative projection technologies such as those seen in “Minority Report” we can expect something new sometime in the not too distant future.